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Recruitment Information

Takuyo Co., Ltd. is currently taking job applications from new graduates.
We eagerly await applications from vibrant people who love the ocean, enjoy being around people and understand the joy of creation.

Job description · Fish breeding and sales
· Fresh fish purchasing and sales
· Pearl cultivation, processing and sales
· Seafood processing and sales
· Artificial incubation, breeding and sales of marine products
· Fish feed manufacturing and sales
· Import and export of marine products, seafood and fish feed
· All auxiliary operations relating to the above
Salary Starting salary based on payments made in April 2019:
Postgraduates - ¥240,000 p/m
University graduates - ¥220,000 p/m
Benefits Assignment allowance, overtime allowance, travelling expenses.
Salary increases Once a year (each April)
Bonuses Twice a year (August and December)
Work areas Kumamoto City, Amakusa City, Kamiamakusa City, Kirishima City, Amami City and Oshima County, Kagoshima Prefecture.
Working hours 8:00 - 17:00 weekdays.
Holidays Sundays, summer holiday, end of year holiday, special holidays (condolence holidays, honeymoon leave, etc.), annual paid holiday, etc.
Insurance Employment insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, welfare and pension.
Fringe benefits and welfare Company house available.
Documents to be submitted CV, university transcript, graduation letter, medical checkup certificate.
Selection process Written examination (essay-based) and interview.
*Emphasis is placed on personality
Required qualifications University graduates or above.
Candidates must be fluent in Japanese.
Past recruitment policy We look for strong-willed, hard working recruits who are looking for a worthwhile job and are willing to put their all into their work.
For enquiries, please contact Mr. Masaki, Head of Recruitment, Administration Department.

Guidelines for applicants
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